Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bring It, Summer.

Vinegar Hill House Soft Shell Crab
I know, summer probably starts at the end of next week for most of you, but for me, it starts Thursday night with the hand-in of my paper. And then Googa Mooga happens: bands, beer, bacon, and us. Oh yes, us.

Googa Mooga
Last year's Googa was last year. That Saturday was, let's not think about it. But this year it all kicks off Friday night--when I will be rocking out to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs handing out single serve cups of ice cream for my Big Gay friends. Saturday: eating bacon, fried chicken, burgers, and other assorted fat kid things while trying my hardest to collect all the trading cards. Then Sunday rolls in, where I get to be "the talent"! A few weeks back, we were asked to do something hilarious if we were accepted into Googa Mooga Literary Tent's events. We were accepted. Hilarity commences at 6pm Sunday evening, right after De La Soul wraps up their set. Did I mention I have access to the backstage open bar all day? This may be epic.

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