Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Pancake Special Close Up
Two years ago I posted about a Memorial Day weekend trip we made up to Maine to see Aunt Alberta and she introduced us to one of her favorite places to grab a bite is Rolly's Diner. It's just the sort of locals only joints that you dream of stumbling on when you're on the road. This Memorial Day, I'm thinking of our nation's many vets and those in our family who served and are serving in the Armed Forces. But today I'm especially thinking of my Great Aunt Alberta who passed away over the weekend. Aunt Alberta was the bride of one of my favorite vets, Uncle Johnny...

Aunt Alberta was 93, she lived a good life and lived it to the fullest, but that doesn't mean I'll miss her any less. I'll miss listening to her stories. She was the last person that really knew my great-grandparents and grandparents. I'll miss her throaty laugh and wicked sense of humor. She was a strong lady and one of a kind. Whenever we were able we'd made a side trip in Maine to Lewiston to see her. That's where my grandmother and her family lived for generations. It's weird to think that we don't have a reason to go to Lewiston any more. Next time we're in Maine, I plan on making the trip any way to celebrate Aunt Alberta in one of her favorite spots whether it's Rolly's Diner or The Chick-A-Dee Restaurant. Or maybe we'll finally try The Italian Bakery, which Aunt Albert proclaimed as "beyond compare." Aunt Alberta, you too, were beyond compare.

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