Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mmmm...Homemade Sriracha Cheez-its

Sriracha Cheez-its 
Recently I've been on a cheese kick. Longtime readers might ask, "When are you not on a cheese kick, Brownie?" Touché, dear readers, touché. I'll admit cheese pretty frequently makes my top ten list of things I want to consume immediately, but lately I've 1) been treating myself to delicious (and somewhat fancy) cheese and 2) been playing around in the kitchen with cheese. Inspired by our blogging friend, Ms. Molly Yeh, I recently made not one but TWO batches of Sriracha Cheez-its and I can certify that if you love cheesy crackers as much as I do, this is a recipe you'll want to get on, stat!

You can find this easy peasy recipe over on Molly's blog. After making the crackers on two separate occasions here are my tips/modifications...

*I used 8.5 ounces of 3 year aged cheddar

*I love spicy food, so I used at least a tablespoon of Sriracha

*Unless you are making these for a crowd, I recommend dividing your dough and freezing half them defrosting and rolling it out when you are ready. These cheesy crackers are super buttery and delicious. And if you're like me you might find your self control lacking in their presence. The first time I made them, I gorged on cheese crackers. I'm not going to say I didn't gorge the second time I made them as well...but when you make half the amount of crackers, gorging on them is only half as bad.

Lawman-in-law and I started brainstorming what kind of cheese crackers I'll tackle next. I'm thinking Gorgonzola, but there's always I chance I could switch it up and go with Gruyère. What kind of cheese crackers would you love to make/eat?

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CityMinx said...

just made this with english cheddar, yellow mustard, and horseradish - can you tell i'm trying to clean out the fridge? the dough was a little dry, but they came out crave-tastic