Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some Food(ish) Projects Brownie is Supporting

Have you all kicked in for NYC Food Community for Oklahoma yet? A bunch of our favorite food folks (including Blondie) are supporting Team Rubicon to help rebuild in OK. The overall team goal is $15k and they are super close to 2/3s to goal. Any amount will help! I made my donation. Once you've made yours, you here's another project that a friend share with me. If you have a food truck loving kid in your life, like I do, you might want to take a peek, too...

The time we spent working on our book unfolded over a significant portion of my son's life--he is just a toddler after all. He's been to the Vendys every year since birth and has visited countless food trucks. A few months back when the ice cream trucks were beginning to emerge from hibernation he noticed one on our walk and said "Mama! That's a food truck!" What can I say, the kid knows his trucks. He also loves playing in boxes and I know he'd love this sweet, sweet ride. It's sturdy, it's non-toxic, it's made in the USA. For the past two Christmases I bought my nephew a similar cardboard play contraption, one year was a color-your-own spaceship and the next was a color-your-own train, but the graphics and the details, including the serving window on this have those beat. It's supposed to be easy to assemble (and more critically, to disassemble for storage). Check out more on the Famous OTO's Indiegogo page.

If this project gets funded the creator has plans for "a massive list of other trucks I want to make down the line - tacos, noodles, BBQ, churros, hot dogs, hot rods, lemonade, the list goes on and on..." I'm thinking he should get in touch with Kim from The Treats Truck about making a special cardboard version of Kim's truck "Sugar" I know Lil B would be the first in line for that truck!

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