Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Perfectly Unexpected Perfect Sandos

The Grand
Before I've been downing those pies, I have been enjoying some quite delicious sandwiches. The savory component to the meal with that beautiful Banoffee pie was Brooklyn Sandwich Society's The Grand, a wonderful sandwich of pan-fried squid, bok choy, and spices hot enough to give you a kick, not so hot that you can't taste anything. And what really got me, besides the toothsome squid slices, was the bread. It had just enough crunch without being too hard, and soaked up the juices without falling apart.

Fritzls Chicken Sandwich
Then there was this sandwich. I'll admit to harboring a love for McDonald's chicken sandwich. I know it's an amalgam of chicken bits blended together. I know it's absolutely terrible for me and since I don't eat a lot of fast food anymore, it sends my stomach into a tizzy. But I love it. And Fritzl's Lunch Box's Fried Chicken Sandwich, which appears to be a quality version of the McDonald's sandwich, is better than the original. More sesame seeds on a fresher bun, crispy lettuce, *actual chicken* patty! It's about the same size and a few more dollars, but makes you swear off the fast food versions forever. No wonder everyone's been raving about it.

Basically, these two places are the tits.

Brooklyn Sandwich Society
184 Dekalb Avenue
Fort Greene
(718) 596-4147

Fritzl's Lunch Box
173 Irving Avenue
(929) 210-9531

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