Monday, June 17, 2013

Day Tripping to Philly

Pomegranate Nutella
A couple of Saturdays ago, I hopped aboard a bus to head down to Philadelphia for the day with the main goal of attending the Philly Vendys, but knew that I wanted to make a few stops first especially one at the incredible Federal Donuts (careful: there's music on the other side of that link).

Buttermilk Ranch Fried Chicken
I had heard whisperings of the greatness being served up at Federal Donuts before their NY Times piece piqued my interest before the plethora of Instagram pictures did. I specifically took an early bus allowing for time to stop by Federal before walking to the Vendys. (Side note to those who know me in real life: I was forced to get over my bus phobias in Mexico. Changed woman, I tell you.) I arrived around 10:30 at the Sansom Street shop expecting a huge line and total chaos. I was wrong. After the initial hazing--I didn't know how to correctly order--it was a quite relaxing chicken breakfast, right down to chatting with the owners. When you order, you have the choice of a wet or dry rub with various options for each. I went for the Buttermilk Ranch dry rub, a salty chive-filled winner atop the crunchy and quite juicy pieces. They are proof that fried chicken is definitely having its moment in the Yankee sun. Afterwards, I took my doughnuts and headed to the park for people watching. I disregarded advice I'd received about only eating their cake doughnuts fresh, a bad move on my part. I thought them good, but not great, not anything I couldn't get already in New York. Maybe I tried the wrong flavors? Maybe at the wrong time? Either way, if you're in Philly you should definitely try to stop by for a cheap and delicious fried chicken lunch. That's for certain.

Federal Donuts
1632 Sansom Street
Center City
(215) 665-1101

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