Monday, June 24, 2013

Beachy Times at Rippers Are Here Again

Rippers Cheese Fries
It's no secret that Hurricane Sandy ass-raped caused a significant amount of damage in the Rockaways. For most of the winter, one of the $64,000 questions was what would happen to the concession stands along the boardwalk? Would they be able to come back, and if so, when?

Right before Memorial Day, The Meat Hook got the keys for the stand at Beach 86th where they've been running Rippers. The guys hustled to get the stand ready for service on the actual holiday, but, due to continued restorations, they've only open Thursday through Sunday since. The good news is starting this week, they should be open all 7 days. For those of us who can eat burgers on the beach while everyone else is slaving away in frigid offices, this is a GOD SEND! Bring on the beers, Rippers!

Beach 86th Street and Shore Front Parkway
Rockaway Beach

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