Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What To Do In Northern Virginia?

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Over the past few months, my Mommsie moved from Queens to Northern Virginia to live closer to my brother. Not only does this now mean I have to travel more than a half hour for family holidays, but that I get to randomly show up for visits throughout the year. Like when I head down tomorrow! I already have a list of things to do, but I totally need some help and guidance!

After seeing this photo pop up on the Shake Shack Instagram, I am completely down to get a "Doughnuts are Forever" from their new DC location on F Street. I am also hopefully going to try a Calhoun's Ham House ham biscuit Saturday morning in Arlington. But what about other meals and activities? Is Astro Doughnuts *really* worth a trip? Anyone know any good farms to visit during the daytime, maybe for some pick-your-own action? Help!


Anonymous said...

The Dairy Godmother in Del Ray, Alexandria for frozen custard

CC said...

Moved from NoVa to NY 2 years ago, and people think I'm crazy when I say there is so much great ethnic food I miss. You ABSOLUTELY have to go to Myanmar in Falls Church and order any (all!) of the salads. Best Burmese food around.

Also hit the Eden Center (Falls Church) for amazing Vietnamese. Tons of great Thai in the area, my personal favorite being Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike in S. Arlington.

Lastly, you must get some Ethiopian food. NoVa and DC have tons of great places. Get a veggie sampler and do it up!

Unknown said...

If no one has told you, and i can't imagine someone not telling you, you must try Ben's Chili Bowl at some point. It is amazing. of course, it's in DC so it's a little trip. If not that try Beenie Weenie's in Alexandria. Half smokes are a DC thing though, you have to try one.

Ellen said...

Teaism (there are a few locations), makes a great salty oat cookie and I know this sounds lame, but most places in that area have california rolls with real crab not fake crab, which is worth getting. You also can't go wrong with going to Jaleo for tapas!