Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adventures in Gluten-Free Baking: Mini Chocolate Doughnuts

gluten-free chocolate doughnuts
The other day I spotted some tasty looking glazed chocolate doughnuts on chef friend Elizabeth Barbone’s site glutenfreebaking.com. Though I’ve never baked gluten-free goodies before, I took a peek at the recipe (it looked so easy!) and I decided to take the plunge and make them for my gluten sensitive niece . . .

A few months back I picked up this baked mini doughnut pan at Sur la Table. Lawman laughed at me and said you’re never going to make baked doughnuts. And while it’s true that I do love frying up some doughnuts, I thought that the pan would be conducive to some fun baking adventures with Lil B.

While my son is perhaps too young to fully get in the game with this recipe, there were small tasks that he was able to help with—whisking the dry ingredients (sort of, I’ll admit I went back in to make sure they were fully incorporated) and zeroing out the scale as I measured the ingredients, a task that he took great delight in.

With the mini-doughnut pan you really need to pipe the batter in with a large round tip. With the pan being so small and shallow, you really need only one swipe around with the batter to fill it halfway—any higher than that and you get really puffy overgrown doughnuts with a barely perceivable doughnut hole.

The doughnuts aren’t overly sweet by themselves so don’t skip out on the glaze. As for the reaction…they were a HIT with gluten and non-gluten eaters and they went very quickly at the party. I’ll definitely make these again.

Now to bake these doughnuts I invested in a bag of xanthan gum. It was $14.99 for half a pound. I used ¼ teaspoon of that. It expires in two years so hit me up in the comments with your best gluten-free baked goods recipes!

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Unknown said...

These look awesome! I have used xanthan gum for thickening smoothies, but it may take two years of a smoothie a day to get through all of that.... I've also seen recipes using it in ice creams.