Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Save the Beans!!!

Sack o' Beans in Cholula
I'll admit that beans aren't that sexy. They're not lovable like cows and pigs and ducklings. They're not completely gorgeous like heirloom tomatoes or jewel corn. They're just these things that exist and are important because of their high nutritional value and generally low cost. We take them for granted. But they deserve their moment in the sustainable food spotlight and companies like Cayuga Pure Organics have been trying to do just that: to spread the word about and love to the lowly beans and grains among us. Until disaster struck! And now Cayuga themselves are the ones in need of saving!!

As you can see from the video, Cayuga Pure Organics is desperately trying to get their operation back up and running after a devastating fire. A number of organizations, chefs, and regular old foodies like myself have donated money, but the equipment is incredibly expensive and they are not even halfway to their goal. So, I plead with you, our wonderful readers, to help out Cayuga Pure in any way you can. Saving Cayuga means saving heirloom grains and beans for our future generations, and allowing this small piece of the local food economy to stay intact. Here's their IndieGoGo campaign with more information about their operation and why rebuilding is so expensive.

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