Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dough Doughnuts Found in Greenpoint

Dough Hibiscus Doughnut
The ongoing G train sagas haven't bothered me lately since there's really no reason for me to ever leave my neighborhood. We have cool bars, great shops, two farmers markets plus Smorgasburg and the Flea, and I'm surrounded by friends. *And* we have all the doughnuts you could want, especially now Spina has opened, where they've decided to offer up Dough doughnuts!

Spina is part flower shop/part cafe that appears to have moved from "the other side" of Greenpoint and a new store that is actually needed on Franklin Avenue. The couple of times I've stopped by, my entrance is instantly greeted with a refreshing "how are you?" instead of grimaces or smirks. That sort of attention forces you to be all positive and friendly, and then you see the beautiful flowers--seriously gorgeous bouquets--and doughnuts. They seem to get a couple of varied dozens and I, of course, picked up my favorite, hibiscus, though I have seen the other usual suspects. Thank goodness using the ferry isn't my morning routine or a doughnut and coffee would become a regular thing.

107 Franklin Avenue
(347) 457-5385

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