Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hamilton’s Serves a Mean Brunch

Brioche French Toast
At the risk of angering a mob of Windsor Terraceans and Kensingtonians by blowing up their spot, I'm putting it out there that if you aren't brunching at Hamilton's, you need to remedy that ASAP . . .

Once upon a time I was a girl who lived for brunch. I still love the sweet/savory/decadent combos that are so at home on a brunch menu. What I don't love are the ridiculous prices--come on, it's scrambled eggs!--and the waits. When you have an infant and a toddler those days when you could roll out of bed at noon to join a two-hour brunch line are long gone. These days if we go out for brunch we get their right when the place opens, eat and leave before the crowds descend.

We showed up at Hamilton’s at around 11am on a Saturday and were able to score a prime outdoor table. They’re a kid-friendly spot and have a ton of high chairs on hand and best of all the menu is super reasonable.

Here’s what we had:

Brioche French Toast ($9), thick cut brioche, spiced citrus custard, toasted almond butter, with mint infused maple syrup. While we were perusing the menu, we overheard the table next to ours gushing over the French toast so naturally we had to order it. I didn’t get to taste this myself because of the almond butter, but it was the hands down favorite of our group. Lawman-in-law described it as tasting “like the middle of a cinnamon bun.”

Chorizo and Gravy
The Chorizo Biscuits & Gravy ($10) was a hearty, tomato-ey version of your classic biscuits ‘n’ gravy. Hand rolled biscuits were light and fluffy—I wouldn’t have minded a side of these on their own, perhaps with a bit of jam.

Eggs and Hash from Hamilton's
The Beef Hash & Eggs ($11), corned beef, potatoes, onion, sunny side eggs, was another substantial plate that was commended to us by our waitress. It was substantially better than another hash dish we recently had at a popular (and pricier) brunch spot in Carroll Gardens.

Next time (and there will be a next time soon!) I want to try their soju slushies…

2826 Fort Hamilton Pkwy corner of East 4th St
Brooklyn, NY

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Emilee said...

Hamilton's is great for dinner too. It's just a bus ride up from where we live in Sunset Park. I had their orzo and it was so creamy and buttery, with sundried tomatoes. Ugh, I want to go back right now. They also have a bunch good beers on tap. Their menu is the bomb.
But this french toast. Wow. This french toast looks amazing.