Monday, July 15, 2013

What To Eat At The All Star Game

Meet the Pretz
The All Star Game has come to my favorite stadium: Citi Field! I was fortunate enough to head to All Star Sunday yesterday--there was the Futures game as well as the Legends/Celebrity softball game to watch--and got to try the latest addition to the Shake Shack menu: Meet the Pretz. It's totally on the list of things to try, despite the reported 1020 calories.

Tortas Chivas
Oh, and the lady behind the counter said she gave me extra pretzels for being patient. As for other things you should eat at Citi are the fried chicken sandwich from the almost always line-less Blue Smoke, fries from Box Frites, or the Pat LaFrieda steak sandwich. If none of those things fit the bill for you, consider stopping by the Tortas Neza truck underneath the 111th Street Station. It's literally a five-minute walk from the stadium and he'll give you enough food for two people for under $10. Also, make sure to do the outside stuff, like test driving a Camaro. It's fun times for everyone.

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