Thursday, August 29, 2013

Breaking: Liddabit Sweets' Store is Opening!!

Liddabit & Brooklyn Brew Shop
I've been a big fan of Liddabit Sweets since, well, forever. They started their business in 2010 (?), but I believe my first encounter with their delicious candy bars happened in 2011. Then I got to work in the same kitchen as the beautiful Jen and Liz, where I would hear how they might someday open a store. And they finally are!!!

The New York Times broke the story yesterday of how Liddabit Sweets is moving into Chelsea Market! The store should be up and running at 10am this Sunday morning for those of you needing your candy fix pre-brunching. They even have an Instagram going (@liddabitchelsea) so you can play along at home. My visit is being scheduled as we speak, and may involve a quick fried chicken lunch prior.

For those who don't know, Chelsea Market is located on 9th Avenue between West 15th and West 16th Streets.

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