Thursday, August 22, 2013

Travels with Siobhan: The DC Food Truck Scene

Mediterranean Delight
And the time has come for a late summer trip down to the reaches of Northern Virginia, but wait! I never told you guys about the food trucks I learned about last time! Food trucks are everywhere and it is nice to know that if I ever do move closer to my family, I won't have to give up lamb over rice with white sauce.

Northern VA Food Trucks
That Friday afternoon, a group of us met my wonderful sissie-in-law for lunch in Ballston--we had checked this crazy map to ensure enough options and holy hell, can someone please make one of these for New York! Apparently, a street close to her office is *the* food truck spot on Fridays. We examined each menu, but I was completely in the mood for street meat. (Speaking of, get your nominations in for Midtown Lunch's Street Meat Palooza!)

Mediterranean Delight
With prices a bit cheaper than New York and a platter just as delicious--three of us ended up getting nearly the same thing and all ate every bit--Washington might be making a play for my food truck allegiances.

Green Eggs and Burgers
Plus, holy baloney, their little carts are freaking adorable.

This time, I will only be passing through DC though I am taking recommendations for a quick breakfast spot. Also need intel for a dinner in Culpeper and possibly things around this magical place of magic.

If any of you want to know more about the DC/MD/VA food truck scene, I highly recommend Food Truck Fiesta.

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