Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Busy Times, Part 4 of 6

Outstanding in the Field BG
Er mah gawd, I'm so sorry for being off the radar. Sometime during the week *before* Labor Day, I signed over my life to school, work and Netflix. I'll try to keep up with eating delicious things and telling you about them--or at the very least, I'll tell you what everyone's telling me to go eat. There was one really interesting thing I got to do, and no, I'm not talking about researching the Farmland Protection Program or HACCP!

Brooklyn Grange
When I was out in Nebraska, I got to be involved in an Outstanding in the Field dinner--here's a Serious Eats piece I wrote regarding their farm dinners. Well, the crew was traveling through the New York area about two weeks ago and I helped out again for their dinner at the original Brooklyn Grange!

Riverpark Ricotta Crostini
The chefs from Riverpark and wines from Brooklyn Oenology (drop the O, pronounce it ee-nology) were the stars of the night, and my personal favorite course involved squid ink pasta from Sfoglini. The pasta was covered with grilled octopus, clams, Carmen peppers, and it was all sorts of goodness. Like you wake up in the middle of the night and take an extra forkful straight out of the fridge good. The entire meal looked scrumptious, the end of shift family meal only proved it was, and everyone appeared to have a great time (though we were freeeeeeeezing.)

Sunset on Brooklyn Grange
And I am now completely sold on Outstanding in the Field meals. If you live in one of the areas they're about to tour through, get a ticket! I also advise using the dinner as a reason to begin planning a mid-winter sojourn to Hawaii.

If you're interested in visiting the Brooklyn Grange, they hold a ton of events throughout the season at both the original LIC location and the one in the Navy Yard. You can also stop to buy produce at the LIC location on Saturdays or at the Navy Yard on Wednesdays.

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