Monday, September 30, 2013

Madison Square Eats is Back!

Roberta's The Unicorn
There's one thing I look forward to more than Barney's Warehouse Sale (which has been worse than the Giants): Madison Square Eats. I have fond memories of working there, seeing the crazy that is regular people, eating Roberta's pizza and enjoying the change of seasons. The outdoor eating fest always seems to end right as the weather turns cold (or warm, depending on which season). So here's your chance to enjoy the last days of warmth with some doughnuts and pizza (and tacos and macarons....)

Madison Square Eats
Falling under the list of "must eats" are Roberta's (obviously), Hong Kong Street Cart, Calexico, Mexicue, The Cannibal, Mayhem & Stout, and Arancini Bros. As for dessert, I'm always down for Nunu's Chocolates, Macaron Parlour, Melt Bakery, or Milk Bar. I will hopefully get the chance to stop by to finally try Doughnuttery, La Sonrísa Empanadas, Mason Jar NYC, Delaney Barbecue (I hear rumors of tacos!) and Sunday Gravy. If any of you try something unbelievably delicious, let me know! Ain't nobody got time to waste on bad food.

The full list of vendors can be found here. It's open daily until October 25th, 11am to 9pm.

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