Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scenes from the 2013 Vendys

2013 Vendys Cinnamon Snail Donuts
You probably already know that El Olomega won the Vendy Cup this weekend. Perhaps you saw the article in The Daily News with the accompanying photo by our pal, Clay Williams. Or perhaps you read Siobhan or Max’s recaps. I wish I could say I tried everything at the Vendys—I’ll be honest, I didn’t have time or tummy space. But I did eat some tasty, tasty things and here are some pictures

2013 Vendys Cinnamon Snail doughnuts
In my book this might as well be the “Doughnut Vendys,” I ate—I kid you not—at least 2.5 doughnuts and I don’t regret it one bit. One was a sweet yet tart and tangy cranberry glazed cake doughnut from the Cinnamon Snail. Lawman and Lil B knocked back a couple Norberweiberberweiberhydrafabs from the Snail, that’s the “white chocolate glazed donuts stuffed with bourbon hazelnut ganache and dusted with dirty blonde streusel” you see above.

2013 Vendys Carpe Donuts
I also had one and a half hot, yes, sort-of-burned-the-roof-of-my-mouth piping hot doughnuts from the Carpe Donut Truck. Organic apple cider doughnuts served fresh? Uh, yes, please. I may start chasing that truck down. By the way, the haze you see in the photo above is not some sort of ethereal glow, though it might as well be. I think I got a little hot grease on my phone...

2013 Vendys Oddfellows Cornbread Ice Cream
The cornbread ice cream from OddFellows was definitely one of the most interesting things I tried. Salty, sweet, and creamy, I’ve never had corn ice cream before, but why not? I’m kind of sad that last weekend was their last weekend serving it for the summer because their cornbread ice cream sundae with blueberry compote and bacon whipped cream sounds pretty darn delicious.

2013 Vendys Lonestar Taco
This taco from Lonestar Taco was ridiculously good. I wasn’t really that hungry after the Cinnamon Snail’s enormous savory sample platter (seen below)—come on, I can’t say no to Korean BBQ Seitan or Tempeh Tacos if the Snail is cooking. I almost passed the Lonestar taco up. But Lawman insisted. And I’m glad he did.

Cinnamon Snail Vendy Savory Platter
The taco chips from The Chipper Truck were awesome. As was the souvlaki from King Souvlaki. Alas, I didn’t get any snaps of them, so you’ll have to take my word for it (or Gothamist, who called The Chipper’s taco chips one of the five best dishes at the Vendys).

What was your favorite thing you ate at the Vendy’s?

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