Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bring Rocky's Road Back!

Ample Hills Rocky's Road 
Remember when I won the Ample Hills Creamery movie flavor contest and they made a special batch of the ice cream flavor I created to go with the Syfy Movies With a View screening of Rocky? Well, the folks at Ample Hills are bringing one of the eight movie flavors back for a weekend and are taking votes...

My flavor, Rocky's Road, is my twisted take on Rocky Road ice cream. I'm a big fan of ice creams that are chock full of goodies, so this one has brownie chunks, chocolate chip cookie dough, mini marshmallows AND chocolate covered potato chips. This is the best chocolate ice cream you'll have in your life and if you're like me and love sweet/savory and ice cream that's loaded with goodies, you'll love this flavor.

I get nothing out of this deal, except the opportunity to stock up like a crazy person. There's a lot of great flavors, so go VOTE!

Ample Hills Creamery
623 Vanderbilt Ave
Prospect Heights
(347) 240-3926

*illustration courtesy of Ample Hills' Facebook Page.

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