Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TallyHo! And Hoorary for Liddabit Chelsea!

Liddabit TallyHo!
I’ve been watching Liddabit Sweets’ twitter stream with a hungry eye. Last weekend I had an outing planned in the Union Square-ish area so I decided to mosey over to their new Chelsea Market store for some treats…

The object of my desire was their Tally-Ho —a from-scratch chocolate mallocake. If you love marshmallow and chocolate this will make your heart sing. The mallo is soft, sticky and sweet and the cookie innards are super chocolatey with just a touch of salt. I could have eaten about a dozen of these myself. I made the mistake of sharing mine with Lawman—he liked it, but he doesn’t love marshmallow nearly as much as I do, so the glory of this treat was kind of wasted on him. If you have a chocolate & marshmallow lover in your life, surprise them with this treat, they will love you forever and ever.

Follow along on Instagram @liddabitchelsea for the latest of what’s in stock.

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