Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Gift Ideas!!!

Jim Lahey Bread
Are you looking at that picture and thinking "mmmm, warm bread," while you're also frantically scouring the internet for last minute gifts? Well, that could be your gift, in a way. I've been noticing a few gifts for those of us who abhor shopping and like giving experiences over things. Everyone has too many things.

That breaking of the bread happened with Mr. Sullivan St Bakery himself, Jim Lahey, wanted to show his class the insides of the bread we'd baked. I was fortunate to go to this test class because Jim needs to know his way around the International Culinary Center's (formerly FCI) kitchens and they needed volunteers. But beginning next year, Jim Lahey as the Master Bread Advisor will be overseeing the teaching of classes that us hoi polloi can go to! You, or your beloved baker friend, can learn about bagels, pasta, chocolate deserts (trust me, it's hard to get that smooth glaze), or, you know, beer brewing. You'll need someone on your team to make beer during the zombie apocalypse, right?!

Brooklyn Kitchen Class
If those classes are for someone you like a little bit more or they'll *never* want to trek to SoHo ever for a class, may I suggest Brooklyn Kitchen? As always, they have their class schedule for the busy Brooklyn location, but they do also have an outpost at the Gotham West Market on 11th Avenue. No more leaving work a few minutes early to get to Brooklyn (and no dealing with that L train!)

But what about those friends who don't live in the city? You could send them an online gift certificate to a seed exchange--some to get started with are Southeastern, Hudson Valley, and Seed Savers. What if they live further afield than the US? Well, do they love farm animals? I mean, errybody knows about Heifer now (thanks, Bill!), but they can also adopt a farm animal at the Farm Sanctuary! Caution: there are some adorable photos of piggies eating pumpkins, piggies in the snow, cows in the snow, chickens looking curious, and goats and sheeps!!!! If you have other great last minute gift ideas, leave it in the comments or tweet it at us @BlondieBrownie (now that I'm on winter break, I may be popping up on the tweeters more than usual!)

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