Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And Now A Visit to Whole Foods Brooklyn

Whole Foods Brooklyn
Holy baloney, it's almost February! I don't know what happened to my January--it's a blur of working, looking for work, reading A Dance of Dragons, being sick three different times, cooking healthy food in my kitchen and finally visiting Whole Foods. Everybody and their mother has discussed the new Whole Foods, so I'll just give you highlights from my little adventure through the aisles.

Best Banana Display
First off, is this not the best banana display?! Is this going on elsewhere in the country/world? [insert low hanging fruit joke here]

THIS got me jazzed. My new healthy kick has required the use of spices, but-oh, hey, most of my spices were full of bugs. Yes, gross, I know. Seeing smaller quantities of spices, for a lower price than at other groceries, was totally up my alley.

The hell?
I really don't know what you kids are doing these days.

Bath Salts
Related required shot of the bath salts collection. Complete with mason jars. How precious.

Biscoff Cookies!

All sorts of chip things are available. I didn't buy any, but if there's one we should be checking out, give us a holler.

The overwhelming cafeteria
And then you enter into the overwhelming cafeteria-esque area. There's soup! There's cookies! There's bread! Look over here! Look over there! Decisions! Or, if you're me, a minor anxiety attack and quickly running away.

Dough Doughnuts
There's also Dough doughnuts that look like they've seen better days.

Butter & Scotch Cupcakes
And cupcakes that I can get at Smorgasburg.

Just Madness!
Yes, it is madness that people buy frozen pizza when they live in New York City. Sheer madness. I agree, Whole Foods. Speaking of…

Motorino Frozen Pizza
This is really why everyone's going, right? One guy didn't notice the lonely pizza, I did. Yes, I got the last frozen Motorino or Roberta's pizza in all of Brooklyn. I should get a medal.

Motorino Frozen Pizza
And I can say, without a doubt, that this is the best frozen pizza I've ever eaten in all my days. I'll let you be the judge of whether it's worth the $11. But good lawd, it is delicious (and got all nice and crispy when done in my cast iron.)

There are a few other pictures from my way through the Whole Foods over on our Flickr, including the ermahgawd Greyston Bakery cookie thins that I ate by the box, or you can go see my initial gut reactions on my Instagram.


Donny said...

You mean Roberta's

Laryssa said...

I went to a Whole Foods in Miami last year that had the same banana display. I was equally intrigued by it.

Unknown said...

Awesome spice baggies! Why don't all the whole foods have that?? Love biscoff cookies, totally cheaper at rite aid of all places.
Go back and get those food should taste good olive chips, or the sweet potato. Too bad those doughnuts were so beaten up! If they have the vegan molasses cookies at the bakery (sold individually) those are really flavorful and molasses-y. Can't tell they're vegan at all.
I'd buy that pizza too!