Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shake Shack's New(ish) Fries are AWESOME

Shake Shack new fries
So Shake Shack has been rolling out their new hand cut fries. The fries made their debut at the Upper East Side location this summer, but...I'm never in that neighborhood. Since then they've slowly been rolling out the new fries to more Shacks across the city, but my most visited Shack (aka the Brooklyn branch) has been kicking it old school with the crinkle cut fries. It took a recent trip to the Natural History Museum (and requisite post-museum Shake Shack outing) to get a taste of the new fries. And. They. Are. Awesome...

Crispy with just the right amount of salt. These are fries that you won't get bored of eating. I'm not going to lie. I wasn't one of those people that would turn up my nose at the crinkle cut fries, but these are much better. More potato-ey, if that's a thing. I'm convinced that they had to adjust the cheese fries sauce slightly to thin it out so it would adhere to the skinnier fries better without significant fry foldage from the weight of the sauce. On first glance it looked like they skimped on the cheese. But NO! The cheese was all there, it has just pooled in the bottom beneath the fry stack cracks.

Here are the locations where you can get "Shack Fresh Fries" as they are called. Naturally they have their own hashtag (#ShackFreshFries):
- Upper East Side, NYC 
- Upper West Side, NYC 
- Grand Central Terminal, NYC 
- University City, PA 
- King of Prussia, PA 
- Paramus, NJ 
- Harvard Square, MA 
- Battery Park City, NYC

Also, a friendly heads up to the Shake Shack custard gurus...I saw that "Big Easy Banana Chip" is the featured Tuesday flavor for the month of February. Alas, Mardi Gras is super late this year. It's not until Tuesday, March 4th. Hopefully Bananas Foster is in the rotation next month!


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Piccolo Cafe said...

Looks yum!