Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Headed to Seattle . . . Where Should I Eat?

Seattle's Crumpet Shop
Friends, I'm off to Seattle this week and so excited to stuff myself silly on the left coast. I already have plans to hit Skillet and Hot Cakes. And I'm hoping to squeeze in a visit to The Crumpet Shop because, um, crumpets are awesome and delicious and I haven't had them fresh baked anywhere else ever. But...I'm always open to suggestion. So...where else should I go?

Last time I visited Seattle was in the fall of 2008. I hit Pike Place Market, Cupcake Royale, and Trophy Cupcakes. This trip I'll be visiting for a few days but will be working for a good chunk of that time, so I want to make those meals, snacks, treats, and COFFEEEEEEEEE count. If you're a reader, you know I love doughnuts, pie, hot and cold caffeinated beverages, and basically anything that's delicious. Tell me where to go and perhaps most importantly, tell me what to sock away in my suitcase for the trip home.


TT said...

SeaTown for dungeneas crab egg sandwich.

Pike Place Market for cheap and awesome uni from one of the seafood stalls.

Serious Biscuit for biscuit sandwiches that will give you a heart attack. ;)

Walrus & The Carpenter- great seafood. Try to sit at the bar.

For a super mega splurge- Canlis.

K said...

Yay, I love Seattle! I've gone a few times since my parents moved out there.

Some favorites include:
- Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.
- Top Pot Doughnuts
- Tom Douglas restaurants - he has a ton downtown! Tanaka-san is a recent one I liked.
- Elliott's Oyster House - touristy but great oyster happy hour on weekday afternoons.
- If you have a car or able to take a bus out to Bellevue, definitely Din Tai Fung for soup dumplings!!

DM said...

check out Sosh! the app/site curates awesome ideas in NYC and San Francisco and just launched in Seattle. have fun! http://sosh.com/home/

Unknown said...

Macrina Bakery and Paseo (in Fremont) for what just might be a life-changing Cuban sandwich.

CMX said...

I second Paseo's and Din Tai fung. Also- Marination Ma Kai, Little Uncle and Theo's chocolate.