Friday, April 25, 2014

Help the Cinnamon Snail Get Back on the Streets

Our pals at the Cinnamon Snail are having some truck troubles. Their old truck has permitting issues (if there's one thing we learned about NYC street food from writing our book it's how much insane red tape there is for vendors) and is prone to breaking down. They just renovated a new kitchen in Brooklyn and need help getting a second truck so they can get back on the road...

Chef Adam Sobel, founder of the Cinnamon Snail, is one of the kindest (and zaniest) guys you'll ever meet. Their doughnuts are among the BEST you'll ever taste. Their food will make even avowed carnivores stop and think, huh, maybe I could be vegan.

Here's the thing about the food business. The margins are low. Especially when you use top of the line and organic ingredients (did you know they event fry their doughnuts in organic oil?!) If you don't know the Snail, make a point to get to know their awesome food. Check out their Kickstarter for the full details and if you're able, consider making a pledge. They have just THREE days left for their project to be funded and about 20k left to go. There are some pretty sweet rewards--doughnuts, cooking classes and more. I'm pledging. How about you?

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