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Friday, April 4, 2014

Free Cone Day is Coming!!!

A little over a month ago, I received one of the best emails of my life: would I like to go to Burlington, Vermont for three days to hang with the Ben & Jerry's crew? "UH, YEA!" was my exact response. Our love of Ben & Jerry's (and ice cream in general) is well documented and going to the Waterbury factory was on my bucket list anyway, so why not?! Here's what went on during the trip and information about Free Cone Day!!

The office slide!
The group of us spent the first day at the corporate office and yes, there were "slide breaks." After I don't know how many years of not going down slides, I forgot how scary twirly enclosed slides are, but also how much fun. I went three times.

Cutting open Milk & Cookeis
We also found out that they really do pick up pints from random locations and check to see how the chunks are being distributed IRL. Then the pints are left out for eating and I am never turning down my third favorite flavor.

The office freezer!
And yes, there is a freezer full of pints for the taking because three pints a day is not a joke benefit. It's very, very real.

But the BEST part was breaking up into teams and making our own flavors. My team, "Team New York," made one using coffee liqueur, chocolate chunks, chocolate covered almonds and a fudge swirl.

Then came deliberations and oh my goodness, it was so nerve wracking. They took a long time, people were summoned in, what was going on?!?!?! The problem was TWO of the flavors were so good, there was a tie and yes, friends, ours was one of them!! To win meant a scoop party!! I finally get the ice cream party I always dreamed of as a kid! Somewhere up above, my dad is so proud of me and our shared love of ice cream!

And holy baloney, this post is getting long and I'm still on day one, so day two is coming on Monday (I super extra bonus promise and yes, it involves the new Cores flavors) but what you want to know is WHEN IS CONE DAY?!?! It's TUESDAY!! Yes, this Tuesday, April 8th, almost every Ben & Jerry's will be giving out free ice cream and this year the goal is 1 MILLION cones in the US alone. People, I know we can fall on this sword to make Ben & Jerry--my best friends in my mind--happy. We can do this!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bring Rocky's Road Back!

Ample Hills Rocky's Road 
Remember when I won the Ample Hills Creamery movie flavor contest and they made a special batch of the ice cream flavor I created to go with the Syfy Movies With a View screening of Rocky? Well, the folks at Ample Hills are bringing one of the eight movie flavors back for a weekend and are taking votes...

My flavor, Rocky's Road, is my twisted take on Rocky Road ice cream. I'm a big fan of ice creams that are chock full of goodies, so this one has brownie chunks, chocolate chip cookie dough, mini marshmallows AND chocolate covered potato chips. This is the best chocolate ice cream you'll have in your life and if you're like me and love sweet/savory and ice cream that's loaded with goodies, you'll love this flavor.

I get nothing out of this deal, except the opportunity to stock up like a crazy person. There's a lot of great flavors, so go VOTE!

Ample Hills Creamery
623 Vanderbilt Ave
Prospect Heights
(347) 240-3926

*illustration courtesy of Ample Hills' Facebook Page.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tonight's Your One Chance to Try Ample Hills Creamery's Rocky's Road

Ample Hills Rocky's Road 
Regular blog readers might have noticed that I'm just a little obsessed with the ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn. Well, the good folks at Ample Hills have a stand at Brooklyn's Pier 5 where you can get your dessert fix while you're getting your free movie fix at Syfy Movies With a View series. Each week Ample Hills has been running a fan flavor contest where Facebook fans post their themed flavor suggestions for the movie of the week. Tonight's movie is Rocky and tonight's flavor was created by yours truly!

Excited is an understatement. I've been offering up my flavor suggestions all summer long. I'm not even joking. Here are my entries that didn't make the cut:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off:
Sweet Freedom: sweet cream with chocolate fudge and salted honey ribbons and homemade honey comb pieces.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Veruca Salt'd Crack: salted butter caramel ice cream with crack cookies, salted peanuts (the source of the Salt family fortune) and rivers of hot fudge.

Charlie's Golden Ticket: dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks, a fudge ripple and Golden Graham "tickets."

8 Mile:
Chip Hop: ginger ice cream with chocolate chips (in honor of the "deliciously different" Detroit born Vernor's ginger ale)

PB Rabbit: peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter and fudge swirls and peanut M & Ms.

Roman Holiday:
Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth): dark chocolate ice cream with blood orange syrup ripple, chocolate shavings and olive oil cake pieces

La Principessa: Dark chocolate ice cream with fudge swirls, pieces of crostata di ricotta (ricotta cheesecake flavored with lemon and Marsala wine), and cacao nibs

Bread and Circuses: Olive oil ice cream with crusty Italian bread pieces, brownie chunks and a nutella swirl

The Italian Stallion: Mascarpone ice cream with a espresso fudge swirl and chocolate covered cannoli pieces

Pie of the Tiger: Sweet cream ice cream with pumpkin pie pieces and fudge stripes.

The winning flavor, Rocky's Road, is my twisted take on Rocky Road ice cream. I'm a big fan of ice creams that are chock full of goodies, so this one has brownie chunks, chocolate chip cookie dough, mini marshmallows AND chocolate covered potato chips. The base is Ample Hills' rich dark chocolate ice cream, there's no way this won't be extremely delicious.

For my contribution to the Ample Hills flavor vault I win a pint of ice cream (score!). If you want in on Rocky's Road get yourself to Pier 5 TONIGHT. They're scooping limited quantities and when it's gone, it's all gone.

Ample Hills Creamery
623 Vanderbilt Ave
Prospect Heights
(347) 240-3926

*illustration courtesy of Ample Hills' Facebook Page.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Travels with Siobhan: Dessert First

Husker Crunch Sundae
I'll take a break from Farm Bill talk (next up: the other programs) to bring you some delicious from Nebraska. This time, I was clued in to the best part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus: The Dairy Store!

Husker Crunch Sundae
Yes, the UNL campus has an area for ice cream making as well as other dairy products. Then locals can stop by and eat the ice cream. In sundaes like this one: the Husker Crunch Sundae. Butter Brickle ice cream (I don't even know what that means! I love surprise ice cream flavors!). Butterscotch. Heath Bar bits (Heath Bar bits are totally underutilized in New York's ice cream shops). Jar whipped cream (stop being pretentious about only using fresh whipped cream. We all know the joys of Reddi-wip.) Maraschino cherry! And it was some of the smoothest ice cream I've had in a long time. All for $4.50. Holy baloney, Mid West, you make me love you.

UNL Dairy Store
114 Food Industry Complex
Lincoln, Nebraska
(402) 472-2828

Friday, July 26, 2013

Get a Free Taste of Ben & Jerry's City Churned Flavor TODAY!

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Ben & Jerry’s. And we’ve been lucky enough to get a peek at new flavors and exclusive press launches (mmm…Late Night Snack). Tomorrow Ben & Jerry’s is going to be debuting their New York City exclusive “City Churned” flavor and they’re inviting the public for a taste of this one-time-only treat…

Here are the details…

WHEN: Friday, July 26th (That's TODAY!)

WHAT: Flavor Unveiling and Tasting Celebration Event

WHEN: 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. (Flavor unveiling will happen promptly at 5:00, so don't be late!)

WHERE: Pier 57, New York, NY

WHY: 'Cause ice cream is delicious and free ice cream is quite possibly more delicious. You can read more about the whole City Churned campaign here.

Photo courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Au Lait Time

Ample Hills Creamery Cookie Au Lait Hot Fudge Sundae
It’s summer. It’s muggy. And pretty much all I want to do is eat ice cream. And lots of it. Earlier this spring I satisfied my intense pregnancy induced craving for a hot fudge sundae at Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn with their über-decadent Crossing Brooklyn Ferry sundae. Well, I can also report that their regular old hot fudge sundae ($7.60) is also well worth your while...

Behold, the Cookie Au Lait Hot Fudge Sundae! That’s a scoop of Cookie Au Lait ice cream (espresso ice cream made with Brooklyn Roasting Company Espresso and Back-To-Nature Sandwich Creme Cookies) perched atop a dark chocolate fudge brownie smothered in their hot fudge then tricked out with rainbow sprinkles, and home-made whipped cream. Cookies Au Lait holds a special place in my heart, it’s the flavor I voted to save to the permanent menu when Ample Hills recently trimmed their daily offerings down to 16 flavors. Blondie voted to save it too and what do you know, but Cookie Au Lait finished just 2 votes ahead of the next most popular flavor. It’s coffeetastic and cookietacular. You’re welcome.

Ample Hills Creamery
623 Vanderbilt Ave
Prospect Heights
(347) 240-3926

Monday, June 10, 2013

Now It's Time for The Game of Cones

Iron Cone
Here at B&B we get a lot of email. Rarely do we open another mass press release that stops up in our tracks and exclaim "BRILLIANT!" to absolutely no one. On the subway. But this was one of them! To celebrate the season finale of Game of Thrones, HBO has teamed up with Foursquare to do Game of Cones! Genius! In New York and San Francisco, the best ice cream shops are battling it out for the Iron Cone. Summer is coming (even though she's protecting Bran as he travels to find the three-eyed crow)!

Game of Cones
Starting this past Friday, whichever ice cream shop has the most Foursquare check-ins *with the hashtag #GameOfCones* by June 21st wins! Big Gay is currently in the lead, but a good push by loyal fans of any of the other shops can totally take them out, especially the current 2nd and 3rd Milk Bar or Ample Hills. Oh man, this is so exciting! Go eat ice cream, people!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ample Hills Makes Awesome Soft Serve, Too!

Cinnamon Toast Soft Serve
It's no secret that I’m a huge fan of the ice cream at Ample Hills (and so is Blondie). I like to keep tabs of their specials on Twitter and Facebook, which is where I learned they are now making soft serve and that their Cinnamon Toast soft serve was recently named by Time as "one of the funkiest flavors on earth." Naturally I had to make a little trip to check this new development out...

The soft serve is super rich and creamy and according to Time's report it's "authentic bread flavor comes from steeping toast slices in hot milk. The mushy bits are strained out before the butter and cinnamon are added." I don't know if "funky" really does the flavor justice. If you love French Toasty goodness, this should win your favor. It really does have nice bready overtones and it's heavy on the cinnamon. The companion flavor is a Bourbon, Straight Up which is made with Maker's Mark and vanilla bean. It's boozy and though I only got a small sample on the side, I can imagine it would be great swirled with the Cinnamon Toast. The soft serve flavors will rotate, so be sure to keep tabs on them via Facebook.

Ample Hills Creamery
623 Vanderbilt Ave
Prospect Heights
(347) 240-3926

Monday, June 3, 2013

Making Ice Creams

Roasted Strawberry Rhubarb Basil Ice Cream
Now that school's out for summer and there aren't any more book things to do, I've found myself with all sorts of free time. I can read books and lounge around at parks and job search and sleep. Glorious sleep. And have fun in the kitchen again! If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen the little experiments happening in real time. One such fun thing was making roasted strawberry rhubarb basil ice cream.

Roasting Strawberries and Rhubarb
See, I had bought two quarts of sweet strawberries from the Union Square Greenmarket, overlooking the price just this once. But my first experiment only used up one quart. Not wanting the others to go to waste, my heart set on making them into ice cream--after I ate a few, of course. I also had rhubarb and a potted basil plant that just won't quit begging to be added. The roasting idea sprung from my GelOtto Cart visit last spring. And it all came together. I cribbed from this recipe, cutting everything in half, leaving the mixture chunky and adding cocoa nibs during the churn for a little chocolatey crunch. It went fast, and I already have requests for more.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why Yes, Brownie Does Love the New Ronnybrook Soft Serve from BGIC

Coffee Cardamom soft serve from BGICT
Let it be known that I don't get over to Big Gay Ice Cream nearly as often as I'd like. Let it also be known that their new Ronnybrook milk-based soft serve is certifiably awesome...

Last at the very end of March...the Daily News snapped some pics of us for an article they ran about NYC based cookbooks. We were pretty psyched that our book, New York a la Cart: Recipes and Stories from the Big Apple's Best Food Trucks was featured alongside Daniel Humm and Will Guidara's I Love New York: Ingredients and Recipes and Franny’s: Simple, Seasonal, Italian among others. We were also psyched to do our photo shoot at Big Gay Ice Cream's West Village Shop where we could model both our book and some of their goods. Blondie got the Salty Pimp with sprinkles while I went for a swirl of their coffee and cardamom...oh my soft serve, it was delicious. Super creamy. Cardamom can be a strong flavor and this had nice hints of cardamom without being too overpowering. It paired really nicely with their coffee flavor. If you want a full write up of their soft serve from a ice cream expert, check out Serious Eats NY editor, Max Falkowitz's post.

The special soft serve is available at their West Village Shop. Follow Big Gay on Twitter @biggayicecream for details about what flavors are in rotation. I'm dying to try the Yellow Cake and Brownie Batter swirl. DYING. TO. TRY. IT. Hopefully those flavors will be on the docket again soon.

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
East Village
125 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10009

West Village
61 Grove Street, New York, NY 10014

Monday, April 22, 2013

Stop the Presses: The "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" from Ample Hills is Brownie’s New Favorite Sundae

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry from Ample Hills Creamery2
I’ve been craving an awesome hot fudge sundae for months. MONTHS, I tell you. And for various reasons said hot fudge sundae has been continually postponed: too full, too late, too busy. Well, I want to tell you about an ridiculous hot fudge sundae that I just had at Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn that’s worth penciling into your calendar stat.

I’m a huge fan of the ice cream at Ample Hills (and so is Blondie). Such a fan that while it makes me sad to spot amazing specials on Twitter and Facebook, knowing that I won’t make it in time for one day dealies—like when they were delivering pints during the blizzard. Yet, in my heart of hearts I know that if I lived any closer I’d probably pack on some serious pounds as a frequent buyer. And…absence makes the heart grow fonder, plus gives me a great excuse to really splurge on the special trips that I do get to make to AH.

Lawman had long promised me that hot fudge sundae and I finally went to collect after our book signing at the Downtown Literary Festival. I was just going to do their typical brownie sundae when a new (or at least new-to-me) item on their menu caught my attention: the “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry,” a tribute to the poem from which Ample Hills derives its name. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry ($10.65 plus tax) is an epic hybrid of a banana split and a hot fudge sundae. It starts in a little teal boat, yes, a boat. They line the sides of the boat with a split banana then fill the hull with your choice of ooey-gooey cake or brownie then topped with three huge scoops of ice cream THEN…still with me?...topped with homemade hot fudge and caramel, wet walnuts, fresh whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top.

Right now, for a limited time, they are serving chocolate ooey-goey cake and when I placed my order it came highly recommended by several of the staff, so I picked that as my base. For the ice creams I went with strawberries and cream, peanut butter flake and Honey Graham (a honey vanilla ice cream with pieces of homemade chocolate-covered graham cracker crust). Since I can’t have walnuts I got those on the side for my fellow sundae eaters, Lawman and Little B.

Unless you have a monster appetite, do not undertake consuming this sundae lightly or without aid. In fact, I was politely cautioned by a couple staffers as I placed my order who asked me how many people I had to eat the sundae with me. But if you have back up, oh man, oh man, go for it. Every single darn component of this sundae from the ripe but not too ripe bananas to the gooey cake to the flavor packed ice cream and sauces and whipped cream was top notch. I may not indulge in sundaes often, but next time I do, you can bet it will be another one of these.

Ample Hills Creamery
623 Vanderbilt Ave
Prospect Heights
(347) 240-3926

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream Shamrock Shake

Mt Desert Island Ice Cream Sign
St. Patrick’s Day may have been yesterday, but I still have green-themed desserts on the brain due in no small part to my mom paying a visit to one of my all-time favorite ice cream shops, Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream in Portland, Maine. I follow MDIIC on Facebook, so I always know about their awesome new flavors and specials (even if it makes me wistful that I’m not up in Maine). When I heard that my parents were heading up to Maine for the weekend I told them they had to go drink a Shamrock Shake from MDIIC for me. They happily obliged and here’s my mom’s post on said shake…

Any trip to Portland, Maine is made better by a stop at Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream. This east coast bit of ‘Portlandia,’ is famous for fearlessly producing tasty and quirky flavors such as: Hot Chili Chocolate, Bay of Figs, Curry Banana, Root Ginger, etc. However, the inspiration for this visit was finding that annual March favorite (invented but not perfected by McDs)—the Shamrock Shake.

I love green ice cream in all its forms* - mint chocolate chip, green tea, and of course, pistachio. My talented daughter**, Brownie, posted a really beautiful recipe she developed for a homemade Shamrock Shake using fresh mint leaves on Serious Eats Sweets this month. Alas, I was not in Brooklyn to slurp even one brain freezing drop! So, when Brownie told me that Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream was featuring the Shamrock Shake this month, I had to try one.

shamrock shake 3
Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream uses only organic milk and cream to make their ice cream. Their Shamrock Shake starts with their own Madagascar Vanilla Bean ice cream as a base to which they add dinner butter mints and then, apologizing profusely, a bit of green food coloring. (Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream prides itself on not adding artificial anything to anything!) The whole creation was topped with whipped cream. It was really good. There were tiny pieces of dinner mints that made the texture of the mix interesting, but not straw clogging. I may have to make an excuse to go to Portland again this month!

Wishing all of you Shamrock Shakes of luck and happiness for March and the rest of the year,

Mama Brownie

*See, I get it from somewhere--Brownie
**Mom! I'm blushing!--Brownie

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Hot Fudge Sundae With a Cherry on Top, Plz!

Hot Fudge Sundae
Until last week, I'd never stopped by Sundaes and Cones. There were many times I had planned on stopping by and many times where I had passed by after already eating one too many desserts. But last week, I'd not eaten any dessert that day, a day that was going sour quick, and then I passed by Sundaes & Cones, and, well, hot fudge beckoned.

The previous weekend I had discussed this food writer dilemma (of not visiting a well-known ice cream shop) with Robyn Lee, who suggested I stop by as soon as possible. I stepped inside and became completely overwhelmed by the day's ice cream flavors. Then I spotted the waffle sundae options. For about $7, I could have a scoop of ice cream, two toppings, whipped cream, and a cherry on top of a fresh waffle. Boom. Mint chip (I needed comfort--it's nostalgic for me), hot fudge, and rainbow sprinkles. It hit every spot it was supposed to. Would I stop by again for delicious creamy black sesame ice cream when the craving calls? Yes. Was it one of the better hot fudges I've had in the city? Yes. I could have done without the waffle--I don't think it added much--but every other aspect of my sundae was perfect.

Sundaes & Cones
95 East 10th Street
East Village
(212) 979-9398

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Travels with Blondie: Onto Oaxaca

After nine days in Puebla, my little group of scholarly scholars headed through the Sierra Madres to Oaxaca. Where we ate crickets, again. It's like popcorn in that it tastes more like what it's been roasted in than, well, crickets. Just be careful of getting a live one.

Tierra del Sol
This half of the trip was significantly skewed to looking at agriculture in an arid location with worsening desertification. One place trying to educate locals on sustainable methods is Tierra del Sol, a permaculture farm outside of Oaxaca. The entire farm strives to be no-impact--we're talking composting everything, including toilets--and grows its own food.

Tortilla Pizza
From Tierra del Sol we traveled to visit Mitla, stopping for lunch somewhere. By this point in the trip, each and every one of us was craving vegetables, any kind of vegetable. And preferably without any queso. The town's market could only satiate the vegetable craving with these pizzas. The base is cracker-thin tortilla, a layer of beans, and Oaxaca cheese topped with squash blossoms, avocados, and tomatoes.

Mordisko Kroc
But it was outside I found *the* *best* *thing* EVER! Mordisko Kroc.

Mordisko Kroc
Yes, it's half a crunchy chocolate-covered ice cream bar, half ice cream sandwich. And 100% the best industrial ice cream treat I've ever had in my life. I completely did a "eat one half, then the other" move (ice cream bar first), then spent the next few days looking for another. Then I would have been able to tell you what eating both sides *AT ONCE* would be like.

Coffee Cherries
Another aspect of the Mexican market we looked into was the organic coffee industry via CEPCO, a grassroots coffee cooperative. The day even involved hiking through a two acre coffee farm on the side of a mountain. Supporting their sustainable coffee industry gives their farmers a way to support themselves, their families, and their communities, without migrating to America.

Bimbo, in the middle of nowhere
But they still have to deal with Mexican corporations infiltrating their diet with processed junk food. On our way out of the village, we caught the Bimbo truck making its deliveries.

All of this travelling out of town meant barely anytime to explore the food scene in Oaxaca. Though we did find one place to stop by: Lobo Azul Cafe. It showcases local artists, organic coffee, and an Americanized menu including burritos. I still got chilaquiles, but when you're homesick in a foreign country, it's nice to know where to pick up some comfort food. Which I may need when I find myself wandering through Oaxaca again--something I'm already looking into.

Tierra del Sol
Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca, Mexico
+52 951-440-6021

Lobo Azul Cafe
120 Armenta y Lopez
Col. Centro Oaxaca, Mexico
+52 951-501-0335

Monday, December 31, 2012

Skull & Cones May Just Be My All-Time Favorite Shake Shack Concrete

Skull and Cones concrete
Back in September we brought you the exciting news that Shake Shack New Haven had opened. Thanks to an invite from our food industry hero, Danny Meyer(!), my dad and brother (aka Lil' Bobo) were there for the preview party last night and my dad contributed his very first guest blog post reviewing the grub. Ever since he declared the Skull and Cones concrete made up of chocolate and vanilla custards with a shattered sugar cone, peanut butter sauce and chocolate truffle cookie dough mixed in, I've been dying to try it, and some Christmas Eve errands in the Elm City provided just that opportunity...

I'm a bit of a concrete fiend. I like my ice cream (or custard, as it were) with mix-ins. Lots of delicious mix-ins and Shake Shack delivers. Each Shack has it's own unique concrete menu, many of which are inspired by their location. For the New Haven Shake Shack they tip their hat to old Eli Yale with the Skull and Cones, a cheeky tribute to the infamous secret society. But really, how can you go wrong with both vanilla & chocolate custard plus, crunchy waffle cone bits, plus peanut butter and chocolate cookie dough. The effect is crunchy-chewy-gooey-goodness. In the interest of Yuletime moderation (as if there were such a thing!) Lawman and I ordered a half concrete. HUGE mistake, as we soon found ourselves scraping the bottom of the cup longing for the other half. Heed our advice and get a whole (or better yet, get your own, you won't want to share this one).

Shake Shack New Haven
Shake Shack New Haven
986 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 747-8483

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bananas Foster Sundae

Caramelizing Bananas
I've never been a fan of banana split sundaes. It just seems like forced fruit-eating. Why is there a banana? Who came up with this idea? And when you try to slice your banana with your spoon and the whole thing goes over the edge, possibly taking part of your sundae with it! Ugh, the agony! Doug from Big Gay Ice Cream understands, so he decided to experiment with caramelizing banana slices yesterday *and then* creating the sundae. Genius.

Banana Sundae
The sundae came with their weekly special flavor, hazelnut brownie; ours started flopping over because it was melting. And it tasted delicious, even if the heat and cold made my sensitive teeth hurt a bit. It was a wonderful pre-dinner dessert to split.

Big Gay Ice Cream
61 Grove Street
Greenwich Village

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apple Sundaes at Big Gay Ice Cream

Apple Gobbler
Fancy grilled cheeses aren't the only things keeping me going through my final papers. Big Gay Ice Cream opened a new shop within a five minute walk from school. Ice cream sundaes have calcium! That's a nutrient!

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
I stopped by the new shop Thursday evening mainly to taste the week's special flavors: brownie batter and coconut. I ended up getting them mixed into a Salty Pimp--which was awesome--but I also got an Apple Gobbler: vanilla soft serve with pie pieces, apple butter and bourbon butterscotch sauce! If you're a fan of fall desserts, this is definitely one to check out. I'll be stopping by again this week as the special flavor is speculoos!

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
61 Grove St
Greenwich Village

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Travels with Brownie: Helados de San Jeronimo

Helado de Mora 
Lawman's family jokes that someday I will be the first importer of helados de San Jeronimo, a line of mini paletas from Colombia that I simply adore. Naturally on a recent trip to Cali for a family wedding, I had to make a pit stop at the airport for a paleta...

How do I love this ice cream? Let me count the ways. The paletas are small so you could either satisfy yourself with a little something sweet (or, you know, have a few). And the flavors! The arequipe (a Colombian equivalent to dulce de leche) and coco (coconut) are two of my favorites. I also love the sweet and creamy café. This time around I tried the mora (a local blackberry), which is Lawman's favorite. At the wedding we had amazing natural fruit pops that are bigger than the San Jeronimos and have a lot more fruit pulp, but that didn't dull my enthusiasm for these wee paletas--that's like comparing a smoothie and a milkshake, I love them both. The mora is sweet, a tad tart, and creamy. Just the right little treat to enjoy before hoping a flight back to Bogotá.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flea Markets at Night

BK Night Bazaar
One of the biggest stressors this time of year is when to fit in all the gift shopping you need to get done. Go immediately after work and you'll be hangry. Try to fit it all in during the weekends, and you'll never have anytime to actually enjoy the season. Then you find out about BK Night Bazaar: a way to eat dinner, get shopping done, and hang out with friends. Wins!

The Brooklyn Night Bazaar started last year at the former DeKalb Market. This year, it's right off the L in Williamsburg. After a day of studying, I headed over late in the evening, not thinking it would be busy. But it was! A line around the block! A concert! Many people inside shopping, drinking, and eating! My first stop was Nextdoororganics to visit Chrissy Michaels and get some dinner. She immediately made me a bag of popcorn tossed with coffee and chocolate. She then took me around to some of the other vendors to pick up more goodies.

Sunday Gravy Lasagna
We stopped by Dreamscoops first to pick up a scoops of cookies & cream and salted caramel. This salted caramel beats out that other salted caramel everyone loves. No bitter aftertaste, just creamy caramel goodness. Then it was onto Sunday Gravy for a bowl of cheesy, saucy lasagna complete with a meatball. For $8, it's a little pricey, but totally worth it, especially if you head there with a picky eater in tow.

DUB Pies
Close by was DUB pies, maker of Australian pot pies. I didn't get a chance to try them since I had my eye on Oaxaca tacos. I need to prepare for my upcoming Oaxacan adventure somehow. Be warned, Oaxaca's tacos bring a bit of the heat, but the tender meat is so delicious.

Live Eels
For anyone needing a show in between shows, look for the fresh fish guy. He's grilling up fresh Long Island catches and has a tank full of live eels. When you're least expecting it, they start squirming. It's a bit frightening, but really fascinating to watch.

Raw Apple Pie
Chrissy took me back to her booth and feed me excellently made raw vegetable spring rolls (it's like she knows I've been stress eating cookies for the past week), finishing me off with her raw apple pie. It's a sliced up crunchy Mutsu apple with honey yogurt and granola on top. I felt so healthy!

Brooklyn Night Bazaar is happening every Friday and Saturday night, 6pm to midnight, until December 22nd at 45 North 5th Street in Williamsburg (it's the building with the HUGE "Northside" painted on it).

Monday, August 27, 2012

And We Have the Busy Times

Ice Cream Soda
For some unknown reason I thought life would slow down after we handed in our copy-edited manuscript last Tuesday. Ha. Ha. I somehow mentally blocked that I was starting my part of a massive research project on Manhattan's farmers markets bright and early Wednesday morning. The bad thing is I'll have barely any free time this week (sorry, friends). The good thing is I get to see old friends, make new friends, and buy all sorts of Greenmarket treats that I tote around town in my bike's basket. Like the ice cream soda I got at New Amsterdam yesterday!

At the end of five+ hours of data collecting yesterday, I saw the gorgeous face of Fany Gerson from La Newyorkina manning her stand at New Amsterdam. Her and I hadn't seen each other in ages, so I was excited to catch up and eat some paletas. But there were no paletas! Fany was selling her ice cream and sorbets, two things I'd never had. This is what I get for not hitting up New Amsterdam in the past couple of months. Fany suggested I have an ice cream soda, using the soda from P&H Soda right next door, to go with the tacos I was eying. This is like a triple win for a sweaty, tired lady I was at the time. I went with blackberry ice cream and hibiscus soda--so pretty, so tasty, so fruity. The ice cream is thick, creamy, and decadent; it was hard not to get a scoop on its own afterwards (I did not mentally block the cupcake waiting for me at home.)

New Amsterdam Market
100 Peck Slip
Open every Sunday 11am to 4pm