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Monday, October 22, 2012

Eating Out on The East End

Apple Cider Doughnuts
One of the classes offered in the Food Studies program at NYU involves studying sustainable agriculture on The East End of Long Island. Besides the usual coursework, our little group got to spend three days out on Long Island, visiting all sorts of farms, and of course, eating.

Lobster Roll
Friday started early visiting, of all things, vineyards. Nothing like a glass of wine first thing in the morning. I wasn't fully awake until lunch at Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck. I went with the lobster roll and while the chunks of claw meat were sweet and delicious, the thick bread made eating this as a roll a bit difficult. I know see what everyone's talking about when they say the roll matters.

Razor Apples
Later that afternoon, we headed to Wickham's Fruit Farm. During the entire tour of the orchard all I could think about were the cakey apple cider doughnuts being made fresh up at their roadside stand. Once I got my hands on a bag of those, I spied different apple varietals for sale including "Razor." They're harder like pears and sweet--getting a bunch of these right off the tree would be perfect for so many apple treats.

Sag Harbor Farmers Market
Saturday morning started early too with a visit to Sylvestor Manor before heading to the Sag Harbor Farmers Market. There I was introduced to Mecox Bay Dairy's cheeses. It's delicious enough to overcome my fear of Eataly, the only place it can be found in the city.

Mary Woltz
From there on out, it was a long day. We got to meet Mary Woltz of The Bees' Needs--and yes, we all bought honey.

Sea Salt
And see how exactly Amagansett Sea Salt makes its salt.

And then it was time for dinner at Commander Cody's on Shelter Island. This plate of steamers was fresh and great.

Fried Chicken
But I was in love with their fried chicken. It was definitely one of the best plates of fried chicken I've had in my life. So crunchy, so moist, it made my fried chicken dreams come true.

Upside-Down Caramelized Apple Tart
Sunday's last meal was at the famous North Fork Table & Inn. We all sat for a wonderful fancy meal and tried to act classy though three days of touring and driving was taking its toll. My meal ended with this Upside-Down Caramelized Apple Tart which other tarte tatins in my life couldn't hold a candle to, but there was something not on the menu that needed to be eaten.

North Fork Lobster Roll
The lobster roll from their truck! Big Bobo and Sis-in-Law told me I *had* to have one, so maybe I snuck out between the salad and the entree and ate half a lobster roll outside. It was gorgeous out! I needed some alone time! It was a really good lobster roll.

Love Lane Kitchen
240 Love Lane
(631) 298-8989

Wickham's Fruit Farm
28700 Main Road
(631) 734-6441

Commander Cody's
41 Smith Street
Shelter Island
(631) 749-1851

North Fork Table & Inn
57225 Main Road
(631) 765-0177

Friday, May 11, 2012

Trying a Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll

The Claw Lobster Roll
Prior to knowing Brownie and the recent lobster roll influx, I'd never had lobster rolls. Sure, my mom went up to Maine frequently during my late teens and early 20s, but that was usually to escape us kids. Plus, I'd tried fresh lobster, dripping with warm, melted butter before and well, wasn't that impressed. I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Then Brownie and Luke's came into my life. Life altered.

Well, now. Now I've had my lobster roll education, but it's mostly been with Maine rolls. Brownie isn't fond of the Connecticut rolls, but I was always curious. I recently found myself at the only lobster shack in Chelsea, The Claw. It's all claw meat, all Connecticut-style. This way is more like lobster salad than what I'm used to, and there's scallions involved. And a hot dog bun. And that hot dog bun isn't full. And I found myself longing for Luke's. Though I do like cornichons. I hear there'll be another of these opening soon, and I do want to try some of the other things on the menu. Let us know if that lobster mac 'n cheese is a do or a don't.

The Claw
269 West 23rd Street
(212) 627-7700

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lobster Rolls in Greenpoint

Lobster Joint Lobster Roll
Lobster Joint has been open for a while now in Greenpoint, but since it's on the other side of the neighborhood and they didn't offer delivery until recently, it was only recently that I got to stop by and try their rolls. For this roll with fries, it's $17, a steep splurge lunch for me. But it was soo worth it. Also delicious there, fish and chips.

Lobster Joint Fish and Chips
I'm not sure how Brownie would find Lobster Joint's lobster roll. It wasn't saturated with mayo (plus) and on a buttered bread bun (another plus), but included celery (Connecticut style minus?). I like the crunch of the celery, and sweet succulent claw meat. I could see myself craving this at the most inopportune times like when I don't have $20 to drop on lunch. My lunch date got the fish and chips platter which for $14 is quite the deal. Two *large* pieces of beer-battered fresh fish topping their outrageously crisp and awesome fries. Next time I stop by, it's going to be hard to choose between the two. Guess I better get used to walking all the way down Manhattan Ave to satisfy my cravings.

Lobster Joint
1073 Manhattan Avenue
(718) 389-8990

Thursday, June 30, 2011

$10 Lobster Rolls from the Dog & Claw

Dog and Claw Roll
On our drives to Maine we'll occasionally stop off to stretch our legs in Portsmouth, NH. It's a charming old New England city and great for walking. On a recent visit I noticed a lobster roll cart on Market Square called the Dog & Claw selling $10, yes, $10 lobster rolls. Clearly this was worth investigating...

I love me a good lobster roll, but they can be quite dear.$10 is enough for me to fill a touch extravagant without breaking the bank.

Dog and Claw Cart

How did the roll stack up? Good amount of meat for the price. My only complaint was that there was perhaps just a touch more mayo than I typically like. Still, for $10 this is a great deal. If you're blowing through Northern New Endgland this summer, it's worth a stop.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Chicken & Waffles, and a Lobster Roll

Chicken & Waffles Cupcake
Park Here, the pop-up indoor park space in Nolita, was definitely one of this weekend's scenes. Everyone seems to need a little reminder that some day summer will be here again when we can sit on real grass, listening to real birds. At least through January, sitting on faux grass while eating cupcakes, or doing yoga, will just have to do.

Robicelli's Menu
Openhouse Gallery, a New York event venue has decided to let their space on Mulberry street be transformed into a park with events and food throughout the month of January. For their opening weekend, some of our personal favorites were on hand: Robicelli's, Luke's Lobster, and Mexicue. Immediately upon entering I got hands on one of Robicelli's famous Chicken & Waffle cupcakes. Yes, fried chicken and maple syrup on a cupcake-so wrong, yet so right. It's a bit of a puzzle eating this, I went with an opening bite of just frosting and cake, then slowly eating it as a frosting sandwich. Bites with all three components are like delicious gold ring prizes. Luckily, Matt Robicelli is a master at frying these little chicken pieces; they're moist, but not greasy, and perfect with frosting and cake.

Luke's Lobster Roll
I like to pretend that the chicken n' waffles cupcakes wasn't savory and can't be classified as lunch, which meant that I still needed to get some sustenance. Well, after Brownie and Little B arrived, we chose to split one of Luke's Lobster signature rolls. "Wait, are you switching sides? Do you like lobster rolls?" A person is always allowed to change their mind or tastes, and maybe I've taken a liking to Luke's rolls. You still won't find me dipping lobster meat into butter anytime soon. But Luke's rolls with their buttered toast and fresh lobster meat may have a follower in me.

Click here for a look at the other events going on in this space during the month.

Park Here
201 Mulberry Street

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lobster Rolls are the New Cupcake

Day's Lobster Rolls
There, I said it, yes I did. Who wants cute little cupcakes or manly bacon when you can be cute and manly with some lobsta! And now you can get lobster rolls from a cart starting this Saturday. I think that's illegal in seven states and some territories.

Crab Roll
There really is a lobster roll war going on and loads of people, including Brownie, are loving it! But now the people behind Ed's Lobster Bar are unveiling a Ed's Lobster Bar Cart this Saturday at 11am. Word is the lobster is flown in fresh from Maine and/or the Canada, and yes there will be other sandwiches for those of us not-so lobster inclined. Look for it around Vesey St & North End Avenue.

Brooklyn Flea
But say you want to make your own lobster roll, maybe you're not impressed by the current offerings. Well then you need to head to Red Hook Lobster Pound who will be selling their lobsters from today until Sunday at $8.50/pound or $9.50/pound depending on how big your lobster is. They're open from Noon to 7pm, and are also at this Saturday's Brooklyn Flea! Get your lobster on!

Ed's Lobster Bar Cart
225 Vesey St @ North End Avenue

Red Hook Lobster Pound
284 Van Brunt Street

Sidenote: Neither of these pictures are from Ed's or Red Hook Lobster. Guess we're just going to have to go eat some!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Travels with Brownie: Gilbert's Chowder House in Portland, Maine

Gilbert's Chowder
On our way home from Maine, Lawman and I had to make one traditional stop--Gilbert's Chowder House in Portland's Old Port, one of my favorite places for seafood in Maine...

Gilbert's Super Seafood Chowder

Located on the water in downtown Portland, Gilbert's makes a mean seafood chowder. Creamy, but not overly so, their chowder is filled with clams, tender Maine potatoes, and sweet native shrimp. We always go for the off menu special "Super Seafood Chowder" which involves an extra scoop of seafood on top. Filling and delicious.

Inside the Lobster Roll from Gilbert's Chowder House

Our lobster roll consumption this trip was a bit hampered by most of our go to places being closed for the season, so we decided to try Gilbert's roll. In the many years that I've been going to Gilbert's I've actually never had their lobster roll and that's a shame. This roll was heavy on the meaty lobster chunks, ever so light on the mayo and generous on the butter toasted bun. For $13.95 the lobster roll comes with chips and a pickle, but it's definitely worth it to splurge the extra $2.25 and get it with crisp and tasty French fries.

Gilbert's Chowder House92 Commercial St.
Portland, Maine
(207) 871 - 5636